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Key Signature Discs

Key Signature Discs

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Teach piano students how to easily identify all the key signatures with these versatile key signature discs. Use them on the Circle of Fifths Magnetic Board or by themselves for dozens of piano student activities to review key signatures.

Product info:

Choose from:

  •         Wooden key signature discs (1.2 inches in diameter)
  •         Foam key signature discs with magnets (1.2 inches in diameter)

Each set includes:

  •         30 key signature discs total
  •         2 blank discs
  •         7 sharp key signature discs in treble clef
  •         7 sharp key signature discs in bass clef
  •         7 flat key signature discs in treble clef
  •         7 flat key signature discs in bass clef

Teaching ideas for key signature discs

There are so many fun and creative ways to use the key signature discs to help students learn both key signatures and the order of sharps and flats!

  1. Store your key signature discs in a jar then use them for a game! Have students draw a key signature from the jar and identify it. If you are using magnetic key signature discs, students can place them on the Circle of Fifths Magnetic Board as they draw them from the jar. Reviewing key signatures at random will help your students master them more thoroughly.
  2. Review scales with the key signature discs. Have students draw a key signature then play the corresponding major scale. If it’s a more advanced student, challenge them to play the relative minor scale as well. For more fun, throw in the cadence for the key signature as well.
  3. Use the magnetic key signature discs on the Circle of Fifths Magnetic Board to help students learn the entire Circle of Fifths and order of accidentals. Use a dry erase marker to draw the major or minor keys on the board and students must place the correct key signature on top.
  4. For a group music class, divide the key signature discs evenly among students. Call out a list of random key signatures. The student who has the most corresponding key signature discs wins that round.
  5. Print a key signature review page and have the students place key signature discs in the correct place (get my free, customizable key signature review page here).


    Wooden discs do not come with magnet backings. Attach a craft magnet to the back of each wooden disc to use on the Circle of Fifths magnetic board and add a fun activity/game with the magnetic spinner. See this blog post for more game ideas!

    Circle of Fifths board and magnetic spinner on photos not included

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