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Wooden Alphabet Tiles

Wooden Alphabet Tiles

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Version 2 (New and improved) Now available!

These new Music Alphabet Tiles are the perfect size little hands and using as teaching tools on all white keys on a full size keyboard/piano.

Use Music Alphabet Tiles for all types of music lessons: private or group, voice, piano, and more.

The coloured Music Alphabet Tiles are coordinated to letters of the musical alphabet and also match hand bell and boomwhacker colours. These colours also coordinate with our Solfege Music Tiles and Note Tiles.

Now updated to include...

  • Thicker, sturdier tiles
  • More vibrant colours
  • Painted all the way around
  • Drawstring canvas bag

This Music Alphabet Tiles set includes:

  • 52 wooden Music Alphabet Tiles
  • Letters A-C (8 pcs each)
  • Letters D-G (7 pcs each)
  • Music Alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Teaching Ideas for Music Alphabet Tiles

  1. Use these Music Alphabet Tiles for your very beginning piano and music students. It will give them a fun and tactile way to learn the seven letters of the music alphabet. Shuffle the tiles and have student put the Music Alphabet in the correct order.
  2. Teach the names of the piano keys to your students with the Music Alphabet Tiles. As you introduce new piano keys, give the student that color Music Alphabet Tile to find on the entire keyboard. Once the student has learned several piano keys, make it a race and see how quickly they can place the correct Music Alphabet Tiles on the piano keys.

Please note:

Colours on the actual products may vary from photos due to differences in lighting and screen/monitor colour settings

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