Wooden Solfege Tiles

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52 Solfege Music Tiles are great for use in all types of music lessons: private or group, voice, piano, and more. Tiles are created specially to fit on full-sized white piano keys and are perfect for little hands. Teachers and students can use the tiles to create singing exercises or compose original tunes.

The coloured Solfege Music Tiles are coordinated to letters of the musical alphabet (fixed do) and also match hand bell and boomwhacker colours.

Product includes:

  • 52 wooden Solfege Music Tiles
  • Do, Re, Mi (8 pcs each)
  • Fa, Sol, La, Ti (7 pcs each)
  • Solfege terms Do, Re Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti 

Made from premium basswood and sealed with polycrylic clear topcoat for a durable finish

*Please note:
-This product is a handmade item

-Due to the nature of the natural wood grain, each finished product may be slightly different from one another

-Colours on the actual products may vary from photos due to differences in lighting and screen/monitor colour settings