More Ways to Use Musical Washi Tape in Music Lessons

More Ways to Use Musical Washi Tape in Music Lessons

We’ve already given you 25 fun & educational ways to use Musical Washi Tape, but today we’re sharing even more ways to use Musical Washi Tape in music lessons!

Our first blog post focused primarily on piano lessons with musical washi tape.

Today, we’re sharing the musical washi tape you can use in music lessons with various instruments: ukulele, recorder, piano, and then generic music lessons.

How to use Musical Washi tape

In general, musical washi tape is so easy to use!

You either cut or tear it where needed and stick it to any surface.

Washi tape peels easily and doesn't leave any residue, so if you don't get it right and need to reposition in the beginning, you can easily do so.

The tape sticks permanently after it's left for a while.

Additionally, since it is tape, you can write on it.

These two options make musical washi tape a staple in my music studio!

What I love about musical washi tape is that it is very easy to use anywhere the students need a little extra aid–whether it is in their lesson assignment book, directly on their music, or elsewhere.

Now, for very specific ideas for using musical washi tape.

Musical Washi Tape in Ukelele Lessons

If you’re a ukelele/ukulele teacher, you can easily assign new chords with this ukelele chord chart washi tape.

You can either use it to give your students a “cheat sheet” for the chords of the week, or you can use a tab for each chord needed for a song they’re learning.

This will also be a great use if your students use standard lead sheets or chord charts.

If there is a chord they need help with for that particular piece, you can add a slip of ukulele chord chart washi tape at the top of their page with the chord.

Use little pieces of Ukelele Washi Tape to quiz your students on chords by asking them to draw specific chords. Or, you can flip the quiz and draw the chord finger patterns and ask students to identify them. 

Get Ukelele Tab Washi Tape here.

Musical Washi Tape in Recorder Lessons

Recorder lessons are a great way to establish rhythm and note reading for students.

However, some students struggle to remember exactly which notes are which finger positions.

With this recorder fingering chart washi tape, it will be simple for you to guide your students with learning new notes.

There are two versions available: recorder fingering and recorder fingering with treble clef.

These two recording fingering washi tapes will help your students at whatever level musical understanding they are.

You can use a section of recorder fingering washi tape beside a piece they’re learning or assign them a new note in their lesson book.

Additionally, if you have your student color in their own recorder fingering, it will help them better master the new concepts.

Get Recorder Fingerings Washi Tape here.

Musical Washi Tape in Piano Lessons

Our blog post, 25 fun & educational ways to use Musical Washi Tape, covers many of our piano washi tape, but we have new items!

Piano Hands Washi Tape is a colorful and easy way to remind your students of their finger numbers and hand position for each piece.

Cut lines are included so you can separate each hand color for new use.

Use the piano hands washi tape at the top of each student piece and have the student circle the starting finger number.

These little hands are also perfect to slip into the middle of a piece to give the student a reminder of a specific finger number.

This will be a vibrant reminder of what you discussed in lessons as they practice.

You can use the Piano Hands Washi Tape together with the Piano Keys Washi Tape to create little reminders to show students the starting note and finger number.

Get Piano Hands Washi Tape here.

Musical Washi Tape in General Music Lessons

Animal Faces Checkboxes

For your students who aren’t quite ready for Piano Keys Practice Days Washi Tape, these cute animal faces checkboxes will get your students motivated, whether you use them for goal tracking or task lists. It makes checking off a practice day or goal so much more inspiring!

Give your students specific assignments to check off.
If your student has a problematic measure they need more focus on, help them remember to concentrate on that specific measure by placing a checkbox above it.

Get Animal Checkboxes Washi Tape here.

Beat Boxes Washi Tape

The Beat Boxes Washi Tape gives students a great visual as they work on rhythm. There are two sizes of Beat Boxes Washi Tape for various uses.

Use the small Beat Boxes Washi Tape to write notes corresponding to each box (e.g. a quarter note = 1 box, half note = 2 boxes). This will help your students gain a deeper understanding of how note values work together. You can also use small Beat Boxes Washi Tape for simple note values that don’t require a lot of space (i.e. quarter, whole, half, and double eighth notes and rests).


Use the medium Beat Boxes Washi Tape to assign students some rhythm writing. They can draw their own rhythm patterns for composition activities or simply clapping and counting. Medium Beat Boxes Washi Tape provides enough space for more complex rhythm patterns (i.e. 4 sixteenth notes).

Get Beat Boxes Washi Tape here.

Staff with Bar lines and Clefs

If you kept cutting small segments of the Staff Lines Washi Tape and drawing clefs, you no longer have to! While the Staff Lines Washi Tape is great for longer excerpts, if you need small, one-measure examples, this staff with bar lines & clefs washi tape will be your solution! You can get it in treble clef, bass clef, alto clef or blank.

You can use these staff with bar lines & clefs washi tape to teach a variety of theory to different level students:

  • Note values
  • Note names
  • Stem direction
  • Keyboard geography (coupled with piano keys washi tape)
  • Lines & spaces
  • Steps & skips
  • Chords
  • Inversions
  • Intervals
  • Key signatures
  • Cadences

Simply cut a measure and draw the example needed or assign it for your student to fill out.

Get Music Staff Washi Tape here.

Do you have ideas for music washi tape?

It seems like every day, I think of a new, fun way to use my musical washi tape. Do you use it in a way I haven’t mentioned? If so, comment and share!

Get Musical Washi Tapes

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