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Ukelele Tab Washi Tape

Ukelele Tab Washi Tape

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Ukelele Tab Washi Tape

This Ukelele Tab Washi Tape will help you easily teach and assign new chords to your ukelele students. Cut and tear and use in assignment books, on lead sheets, and more.

Dimensions: 15mm x 10m (0.6" x 394")


White background with ukelele tab for 4 strings. You can cut or tear lengths as long as you need.

Pedagogical Uses for Ukelele Tab Washi Tape:

Your ukelele students will be better equipped in learning ukelele chords now that they can put this ukelele tab washi tape on any assignment book or sheet of music.

You can use this Ukelele Tab Washi Tape to teach your students new chords of the week by placing it in their assignment book. Even better: have them copy the chords themselves so they can better learn the finger placement.

If your student needs help with just one chord in a new song, you can use a piece of Ukelele Tab Washi Tape directly on their music with the chord needed.

Ukelele Tab Washi Tape will also be a great tool if your students use standard lead sheets or chord charts. You can make any random piece of music a ukelele-friendly piece by creating your own ukelele chord chart directly on the page.

If you want to teach note reading coupled with ukelele tab, use this tape in addition to the Music Staff Washi Tape, where you can draw the notes and the tab and help the student visualize the connection.

Cut or tear it where needed and stick it to any surface. Washi tape peels easily and doesn't leave any residue, so if you don't get it right and need to reposition in the beginning, you can easily do so. The tape sticks permanently after it's left for a while. Write on the washi tape with pencils, pens, or markers.

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