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Piano Hands Washi Tape

Piano Hands Washi Tape

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Piano Hands Washi Tape

This Piano Hands Washi Tape will help your youngest students as they learn their piano finger numbers. It is easy to cut or tear this Piano Hands Washi Tape and add to any piece of music, where your student can circle the starting finger numbers and be reminded where to place their hands when they practice on their own.

Dimensions: 15mm x 10m (0.6" x 394")


Piano Hands Washi Tape has a white background with nine colourful piano hands: light blue, green, orange, yellow, blue, purple, teal, brown, and red.

Pedagogical Uses for Piano Hands Washi Tape:

You can add a splash of colour to any lesson assignment or sheet music with these vibrant piano hands. Cut or tear it where needed and stick it to any surface. Washi tape peels easily and doesn't leave any residue, so if you don't get it right and need to reposition in the beginning, you can easily do so. The tape sticks permanently after it's left for a while. Write on the washi tape with pencils, pens, or markers.

Piano Hands Washi Tape is a colorful and easy way to remind your students of their finger numbers and hand position for each piece. Cut lines are included so you can separate each hand color for new use. Use the piano hands washi tape at the top of each student piece and have the student circle the starting finger number. If the piece changes hand-position midway through, you can add another colourful piano hand that the student will easily see. This will be a vibrant reminder of what you discussed in lessons as they practice.

You can use Piano Hands Washi Tape in addition to Music Staff Washi Tape or piano keys to help student learn five-finger pentascales or chords (they can draw a line from finger to key or note).

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