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Wooden Snowman Triads Stamps

Wooden Snowman Triads Stamps

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Snowmen Inversions Stamp Set (set of 3)

Add an element of fun as you teach inversions with the Snowman Inversions Stamp Set! Students can easily see the root, third, and fifth of the chord as they learn their triads and inversions. Use in lesson books, assignment books, and wherever needed for teaching or reviewing triads and inversions.

Snowman Triads Stamp Product info:

  • 2 x 1.2”
  • Set of 3 stamps (root, 1st inversion, 2nd inversion)

Teaching Ideas for Snowman Inversions Stamp Set

There are many ways you can use this Snowman Inversions Stamp Set to teach and review triads and inversions in your studio.

The blanks allow you to use any chord desired in any key. Simply write the note names in the circles. Then, on the bottom circles, write the finger numbers used and circle whether it is for RH or LH.

This makes an excellent way to teach triads with the correct finger numbers. Circle whether the triad is for left or right hand then fill in the blanks for the chord you are focusing on (you can teach major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads!).

Have your student figure out the inversions for the chords by writing only the root position chord and assign them to finish the inversions.

Colour the root note.

Quiz your students on triad finger numbers by writing the chord and having the student fill in the finger numbers.

Use just one stamp to focus on either the root, 1st inversion, or 2nd inversion in all keys.

About Snowman Inversions Stamp Set

This Snowman Inversions Stamp Set is a convenient addition to your music studio. Simply stamp where needed and get ready to fill in the blanks for your personalized use.

Use this Snowman Inversions Stamp Set in piano assignment books, lesson books, scrapbooks, and on any other paper material. You no longer have to write out triads and inversions but can save time and give your students a beautiful result. It’s easy to “stamp a Snowman Inversion” where needed and it only takes a few seconds!

All in one snowman triad inversions self-inking stamp also available here

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