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Rhythm Dots Puzzle

Rhythm Dots Puzzle

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This updated Rhythm Dots Puzzle (V3) will help your students internalize a steady beat while gaining an understanding of beat subdivisions and practicing coordination of various rhythms.

What’s new in Version 3 Rhythm Dots Puzzle

  • Thicker and sturdier board
  • Thicker pieces
  • Easier to move pieces around on board
  • Includes canvas storage bag

The rhythm tiles can easily be swapped out to give you a versatile tool for teaching and reviewing rhythms.

16 rhythm tiles with dots representing quarter (6), eighth (6), triplets (2), and sixteenth (2) notes are included with the wood game board. Improved design makes it easy to swap out tiles as you are teaching. Additional rhythm tiles are available for separate purchase.

A metronome is recommended to guide students at keeping a steady beat when playing this game.

Included in Rhythm Dots Puzzle:

  • 16 rhythm pieces (6 quarter, 6 eighth, 2 triplet, 2 sixteenth notes)
  • 1 game board (8.75 x 5”)
  • Canvas storage bag

Tile holder and rhythm sticks in photo not included

How to use Rhythm Dots Puzzle

  • Start with single dot rhythm tiles and a slow metronome tempo. Students can tap on the dots along to the metronome to keep a steady beat.
  • When student can accurately tap single dot rhythms, add remaining wooden tiles to create different rhythm patterns for tapping with one or both hands.
  • Have fun mixing up the dot rhythm tiles to create various rhythm patterns.
  • Increase metronome speed for added challenge. You can chart your student’s progress with the metronome to challenge them to beat their time from the week before.

Benefits of Rhythm Dot Puzzles

  • Helps student internalize the beat
  • Encourages student to coordinate different rhythms in different hands
  • Challenges student to follow and build up speed with a metronome
  • Teaches students different rhythm patterns
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