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Piano Scales Boxes Stamp

Piano Scales Boxes Stamp

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Use the Piano Scale Boxes Stamp to help your students master a variety of techniques and learn new music concepts. Though designed specifically to help students master scales, you can creatively use the Piano Scale Boxes Stamp in so many ways!

Product info:

  • DIMENSIONS 1.85 x 0.7 inch
  • Black ink
  • Self-inking

    Teaching Ideas for Piano Scale Boxes Stamp

    The Piano Scale Boxes Stamp is perfect for introducing new scale finger numbers to your students. The eight boxes are the perfect length for one-octave scales and the two columns gives you space for writing notes on top of finger numbers or right hand fingerings and left hand fingerings.

    Start with using the Piano Scale Boxes Stamp to teach students just one hand. Have the students write the letter names of the scale in the top column and write the finger numbers in the bottom column. 

    Once a student has the notes memorized and can move to the next level, use a new Piano Scale Boxes Stamping to write the right hand fingerings on top and left hand fingerings on the bottom.

    Using the Piano Scale Boxes Stamp will reinforce the keys and fingerings students will be playing and practicing at home.

    For extra guidance, draw arrows to direct the student to repeating the pattern for multiple octave scales.

    Other ideas for the Piano Practice Boxes Stamp

    • Write scale letter names in one row and Roman numerals for scale degrees or chords in another row
    • Use as a check-box for the student to keep track of practice repetitions
    • Use as subdivisions of beats for 4/4 rhythm
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