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Piano Keys Roller Stamp (Double sided)

Piano Keys Roller Stamp (Double sided)

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This double-sided Piano Roller Stamp will give you a piano keyboard immediately whenever and wherever you need it. This is a convenient, mess-free addition to your piano studio. Coming in two different styles, you can “roll out” a piano keyboard with white and black keys or with blank keys where you can write letter names inside. Stamp is pre-inked. Use this Piano Roller Stamp in piano assignment books, lesson books, and any other paper material. Choose between filled-in keyboard (black and white keys) or blank (can write on “black” keys).

Product info:

  • Black ink
  • Pre-inked
  • Double-sided stamp
    • Piano Roller Stamp with black & white keys
    • Piano Roller Stamp blank (outline for black & white keys)
  • Easy to refill ink (1 mini refill ink bottle included)

    Teaching ideas:

    Use the Piano Roller Stamp anytime you need a quick keyboard to demonstrate a teaching concept.

    Please note: roller stamps give a more artist “free hand” style. Using the stamp straight across will not give the best results.

    Roll out a piano keyboard to teach beginning piano students the names of piano keys. Use the filled-in Piano Roller Stamp to focus your students’ learning on the black piano key groups or white piano keys names. Use the blank Piano Roller Stamp to write the letter names on the black keys.

    You can also use the Piano Roller Stamp as a foundation to teach...

    • Intervals (color piano keys or draw arrows above and below)
    • Enharmonics (label the piano keys with enharmonic titles)
    • Scale fingerings (use the blank Piano Roller Stamp and write in finger numbers)
    • Chords (color for major, minor, augment, diminished, and seventh chords)
    • Inversions (color for inversions of chords)
    • Pentascales (Color the notes needed for a pentasale)

    There are countless ways to use the Piano Roller Stamps in beginning piano lessons.

    Perfect for all ages and skill levels, the Piano Roller Stamp brings a touch of fun to the world of music education. It's a fantastic tool for introducing young learners to the piano, making learning engaging and interactive.

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