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Musical Alphabet Wooden Blocks

Musical Alphabet Wooden Blocks

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These Musical Alphabet Wooden Blocks are the perfect addition to your music studio. Use with very beginning students who are learning note names for the first time or for more advanced students who are learning how to build chords.

Product info:

  • 1.5 inch blocks
  • 7 alphabet blocks in each set
  • Blocks include letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, sharps, flats, and accidentals for each letter, and all 5 finger numbers
  • Comes with canvas storage bag
  • Letters and numbers printed in colour
    • Black - plain alphabet
    • Red - flats
    • Blue - sharps
    • Green - natural
    • Numbers on remaining 2 sides of each block (includes all 5 finger numbers, two sets are needed to build a complete scale)

Teaching ideas for the Music Alphabet Wooden Blocks:

The Music Alphabet Wooden Blocks is a great tactile teaching tool for building scales, triads, and chords.

Use them for very beginning music students by helping them learn the music alphabet, finger numbers, and accidentals.

  • Play “what is missing” with the music alphabet blocks. Line up a few of the blocks and the student has to tell you which notes are missing.
  • Combine finger numbers and music alphabet. Have your student pick two blocks. They must find the piano key from the letter of one block with the finger number from another block. This gives you endless options!
  • Introduce accidentals to your students by turning the block around and having them find the sharp, flat, or back to the natural for the note indicated.
  • Build pentascales with your students (easily including the correct accidentals!).

Use Music Alphabet Wooden Blocks for more advanced students:

  • Build triads by stacking three blocks on top of each other.
  • Build major, minor, diminished, and augmented chords by stacking three blocks on top of each other.
  • Build 7th chords by stacking four blocks on top of each other.
  • Lay out the finger numbers for scales (two sets are needed to build a complete scale).
  • Lay out the notes to complete any major or minor scale (two sets are needed to build a complete scale).
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