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Music Coins Tokens

Music Coins Tokens

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These colorful Music Coins Tokens will add a splash of excitement to your lessons! Bring learning note values to a new level as your students have fun playing different games and activities with these Music Coins Tokens.

Product details

  • 1.25 inch
  • Made from wood
  • 24 pcs/set
  • 2 whole notes, 2 dotted half notes, 5 half notes, 6 quarter notes, 4 double eighth notes, 4 single eighth notes
  • Color coded by note value
  • Note values on both sides

Teaching Ideas for Music Coins Tokens

These are a fun addition to music lessons as incentives, rhythm activities, and games.

I love using these Music Coins Tokens for “shopping.” Students use them like regular coins where they have to add up the values to equal the correct total. 

You can also use them to trade coins values so students can learn rhythm mathematics (for example, you have one whole note, how many other Music Coins Tokens will make up the four beats?).

Create fun rhythm exercises with the rhythm coins. Students can count out the rhythm with clapping, tapping, playing, or other rhythm activities.

Make a fun music math game with these tokens

Use the Music Coins Tokens for rhythm dictation. Clap out a rhythm and have the student line up the tokens to represent the rhythm you gave.

Shuffle the Music Coins Tokens and have the students race to put them in order from largest value to smallest value.

If your student needs extra help in learning scales, have them earn Music Coins Tokens when they can master a scale using that rhythm (e.g. playing the scale in whole notes, playing in quarter notes, playing in eighth notes). This is a fun way to help them practice their scales more without it seeming tedious.

Build a rhythm tree with the Music Coins Tokens. Start with a whole note on the top and have the student divide it into half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes. Then, clap and count through the entire rhythm tree.

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