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Large Music Staff Roller Stamp

Large Music Staff Roller Stamp

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Large Music Staff Roller Stamp

Add a special musical touch with this Large Music Staff Roller Stamp. You can easily add a music staff whenever and wherever you need it for teaching & review. Use this Large Music Staff Roller Stamp in piano assignment books, lesson books, and any other paper material. 

Product info:

  • 1 inch staff height
  • Black ink
  • Pre-inked
  • Easy to refill ink (1 mini refill ink bottle included)

Teaching ideas for Large Music Staff Roller Stamp:

Do you need a staff line for demonstration or teaching purposes? You no longer have to write out five lines and hope they’re even enough to use. It’s easy to “roll a staff” where needed—and the exact length needed—with the Large Music Staff Roller Stamp. And it only takes a few seconds!

Use the Large Music Staff Roller Stamp for any music teaching purposes:

  • Clef practice (have students practice drawing their treble, bass, alto, or tenor clefs)
  • Sharp and flat practice (have students draw sharps and flats carefully in the lines and spaces in both clefs)
  • Draw key signatures (students can review the order of sharps and flats on the staff for both clefs)
  • Pentascales for both hands (write 5-note scales on the staff)
  • Scales for both hands (write out the full scale)
  • Intervals, chords, and inversions (write examples or have students write examples)
  • Note names (draw notes on the staff or have the student draw notes on the staff)
  • Short melodies
  • Transposition (have students transpose small excerpts of music)
  • Dictation (perfect for students to write out dictation examples)

Please note: roller stamps give a more artist “free hand” style. Using the stamp straight across will not give the best results.

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