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Piano Finger Numbers Puzzle

Piano Finger Numbers Puzzle

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Your youngest students will ask for the Piano Finger Numbers Puzzle over and over again! Designed to spark the curiosity and creativity of preschool pianists, this music puzzle is crafted with young musicians in mind. The pieces fit comfortably into small hands but can also be used for older students who delight in tactile learning.

Product Info (newly updated November 2, 2023)

  •         8x6” puzzle board
  •          12 Wooden puzzle pieces 

Teaching Ideas for the Piano Finger Numbers Puzzle

The Piano Finger Numbers Puzzle serves not only as a tactile challenge but also as a clever tool for teaching basic number recognition and sequencing. With every successful arrangement, children are rewarded with a visual and sensory feast, enhancing their cognitive development and fine motor skills.

The Piano Fingers Number Puzzle is not just a playtime accessory; it's a stepping stone towards nurturing a lifelong appreciation for music and coordination.

Use the Piano Finger Numbers Puzzle to teach right hand and left hand. Focus on just the two hand puzzle pieces at first and have the student do it every time they come into lessons.

Once the student has mastered their left and right hands, then move on to the finger numbers. First, point to the fingers where each number goes and walk them through each finger number.

You can also place three of the finger numbers and have the student figure out the missing finger numbers. Finally, once your piano student has learned their right and left hands and have gotten comfortable with you walking them through each piano finger number, have them complete the entire puzzle on their own.

Once the student has achieved the basic concepts of Piano Finger Numbers Puzzle, start coupling the puzzle with the piano. Have the student pick a number puzzle piece, use their own correct finger to play a note on the piano, and then put the puzzle piece on the puzzle.

Your youngest students will have so much fun as they master this first-step concept to piano lessons!

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