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Circle Of Fifths Stamp

Circle Of Fifths Stamp

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This Circle of Fifths stamp creates an instant blank circle pattern for you to fill in all the major and minor keys. Use in assignment books and other papers to instantly create a Circle of Fifths to help your students. Once the Circle of Fifths wheel is stamped on your page, you or your students can fill in all 15 major and/or minor keys. The Circle of Fifths stamp is self-inking and have a built in ink pad inside so you are ready to stamp every time. 

Product info (Completed Circle of Fifths diagram in all keys available as of 5 July, 2024)

Option 1:

  • 1 self-inking Circle of Fifths stamp 
  • Outline of Circle with 15 spaces/points for writing the keys for all 7 sharps and flats.
  • Black ink
  • 1.75” Circle

Option 2:

  • 1 self-inking Circle of Fifths stamp with completed keys
  • Black ink
  • 1.75” Circle

Teaching ideas:

This Circle of Fifths self-inking stamp makes it quick and easy to write a perfect Circle of Fifths for your students. With just one stamp, you have the outline of a perfect circle—with points for all the major and/or minor keys.

The Circle of Fifths stamp makes an easy addition to any music lesson and can make any page a theory lesson. If you are teaching your student the Circle of Fifths, you can stamp it in their lesson book and write all the keys as you teach.

Once a student is familiar with the Circle of Fifths, you can create a quick test where you stamp the circle and ask them to write all major keys. As you teach your music students relative minors, you can add this exercise to your Circle of Fifths stamp.

Create a 60-second challenge where you stamp it weekly on a student’s assignment sheet and encourage them to fill it out in as fast as 60 seconds.

For a fun scales or chord exercise, stamp the Circle of Fifths, write the keys, and have your student practice “around the Circle.”

You can also use this to aid an improv exercise where your student can work around the circle, playing in every key.

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