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Bunny Finger Number Flashcards

Bunny Finger Number Flashcards

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This set of 18 bunny finger numbers flashcards will help you easily teach and review beginning piano student finger numbers and will strengthen coordination between students’ hands.

Your students will love these adorable bunny finger numbers flashcards and will learn to master their finger numbers quickly as they have fun working through the cards.

Each flashcard reviews five finger numbers for both the right hand and the left hand in random order (10 fingers total). Each bunny finger numbers flashcard has top circles for right hand finger numbers review and bottom circles for left hand finger numbers review. This will help your student associate reading music with the top staff being for right hand and lower staff for left hand.

Additionally, you will get a bonus blank page where you can create 6 of your own piano finger number review cards.

Included in Beginning Piano Student Finger Numbers Flashcards Set:

• 18 cards with finger numbers printed
• 6 cards with blanks for you to create your own finger numbers review patterns

How to use Beginning Piano Student Finger Numbers Flashcards Set:

Print the flashcards front and back. Laminate if desired.

Have students tap the top pattern with their right hand finger numbers then tap the bottom pattern with their left hand finger numbers.

Once a student is confident with their hands separate, challenge them to tap the cards with both hands together.

For even more practice, give your student a 5-finger position (e.g. C position, F position, or G position) and have them play notes for the finger numbers indicated on the cards with each hand individually.

If your student is struggling to get all five fingers in order, you can customize your own cards to review exactly the finger numbers your beginning piano student needs (e.g. You can create a card with “1 1 1 2 1”).

This one set of bunny finger numbers flashcards will help your beginning piano students gain confidence as they master their finger numbers.

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