5 Creative Ways to use Printable Music Gift Wrap

5 Creative Ways to use Printable Music Gift Wrap


I love giving my students something musical, meaningful, and personal. And because I appreciate the full-picture aesthetic, I go beyond just what I am giving them, but how it is wrapped. 

I know I’m not the only one who loves being creative in adding that special touch to a gift. That’s why I created printable music gift wrap (with gift tags!) with music gift tags. But it is so much more than just gift wrap. Here are five (or more!) creative ways you can use the printable gift wrap every day.

1) Experiment with printing options


My standard go-to is printing with bright white paper or cardstock. However, I found some newsprint paper and am so pleased with the end result of printing the music gift wrap on it. It is flexible like regular wrapping paper and also usually inexpensive. If you like an expensive, professional look, try printing on glossy paper. 

2) Combine with your personal style


Are you whimsical or vintage-loving? Or maybe you like classy but your students love a flair of color. The gift wrap has 16 pages to match anyone’s style and delight even the youngest musician. Once you have determined the page to match your needed style, embellish it even further with twine, ribbons, glitter, Washi tape, buttons, and more.

3) Create musical craft projects


Because you can print the music gift wrap on cardstock, any craft template that works for regular 8.5 x 11” paper can be used with this musical flair. Just a few examples are 3D stars, small gift or treat boxes, 3D paper flowers, envelopes, etc. Browse Pinterest for printable craft templates and let the fun begin!

Use the printable gift wrap pages like scrapbook paper. Use a craft punch to create different shaped cutouts for scrapbook pages, pictures, bookmarks, and more. If you’re feeling very creative, you can combine multiple colored music gift wrap pages (e.g. creating a flower with pink musical petals and green musical stem). 

4) Personalize your studio decorations


If you want to upscale your studio decorations each season with a colorful or vintage musical touch, select your favorite music paper page and use templates for leaves, snowflakes, flowers, pumpkins, hearts, circles, bunting, etc. 

5) Use gift tags creatively


It is easy to come up with so many ways to use gift wrap “outside the box,” but gift tags don’t have to be used exclusively for gifts either. Label food at parties with the musical gift tags. Laminate the tag and use it for an instrument case or backpack/luggage tag. Use the gift tags to assign seats at recitals. 

Even more ideas…

There are so many more creative ways to use the printable music gift wrap & tags. Here are just a few, if you’re like me and love finding new ways to use one product!

  • Cellophane bag inserts
  • Greeting cards
  • Journal covers
  • DIY cell phone covers
  • Bunting
  • Paper wreaths
  • Cupcake flags
  • Magnet covers
  • Paper doilies
  • Candle wraps

Where else can you add your musical touch?

As you can see, printable music gift wrap doesn’t have to be for your studio gifts only. If you like to add your personality and passion for music everywhere, use the music gift wrap as your signature style.

What ideas do you have? Comment because I love hearing creative ideas!


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