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Piano Keys and Staff Lines Washi Tape

Piano Keys and Staff Lines Washi Tape

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Add that extra special musical touch to lesson assignments, crafts, letters, scrapbooks, bullet journals, gifts, and more with piano keys and staff lines washi tape.

Musical washi tape is so easy to use! You either cut or tear it where needed and stick it to any surface. Additionally, since it is tape, you can write on it. These two options make musical washi tape a staple in my music studio!

For musicians who like to be sure their musical touches are accurate, this piano keys and staff lines washi tape was designed by a musician, so the piano keys and staff lines are correct.

Dimensions: 15mm x 10m (0.6" x 394")


1) Piano keys black and white
This basic piano keys washi tape is ideal to use writing intervals, chords, and other theory concepts.

2) Piano keys colour
I love the classic black and white keys but colour makes it so much more fun. It’s just as versatile but with the added soft pastel colours on each octave.

3) Piano keys outline
Piano keys outline washi tape will be so helpful for teaching a variety of concepts. Students can write in their scale fingerings for reinforcement and more. For even more fun, you can use colour pencils on this washi tape!

4) Piano keys (practice days)
The days of each week come in “colour strips” so that it’s easy to tear or cut the washi tape and stick to student assignment books. Students simply add a check mark for the days they practice throughout the week. It’s a fun way to decorate an assignment sheet or notebook!

5) Staff lines
This basic blank staff has many pedagogical uses. You can write an excerpt on a small piece of staff lines washi tape, write scales, chords, and more.

6) Piano cats
For the cat lovers in your studio, you can use this as easily as the plain piano keys washi tape. But it adds a whimsical cat touch.

7) Piano dogs
Not to leave the dog-lovers out, you can now get piano keys washi tape with a special puppy touch.

Pedagogical Uses:

• Piano teachers & students can use the keyboard Washi tape to write notes of the keys for lesson assignments & reminders
• Cut portions of the Washi tape for 2- and 3-black note sections as needed
• Use staff Washi tape to write small musical excerpts
• Easy to use in lesson books or assignment books to write extra reminders as needed.

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