Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board (Version 3 New and Improved)

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Grand Staff Magnetic Dry-Erase Board (V3 NEW AND IMPROVED)

What's New?

  • Large set of magnets!! (106 pieces - 36 more than V2)now offered in 9 colours that match the diatonic hand/tone bell sets. Create melodies for handbell music activities!!
  • Includes 2 sets of numbers 1- 5 (10 pcs) for marking fingering (scale and triad inversions)
  • Solfege syllable magnets (8 pcs)


  • Board Dimensions: 10 x 10 inch 
  • Double-sided magnetic and dry-erase surface
  • Thick magnets to provide stronger adhesion to magnetic board
  • High quality, 4mm thick Magnetic Double-Sided Dry-Erase Board
  • Includes 1 dry-erase Marker
  • Grand Staff and Keyboard graphic located on same side. Helps students make connections between notes on grand staff and keyboard location
  • Blank dry-erase surface on back side for a variety of theory activities
  • Exceptionally smooth dry-erase writing surface. Wipes cleanly and easily
  • Frameless board. Provides full edge-to-edge writing surface on both sides
  • 106 pc magnets (54 circle magnets in 9 colours that match the diatonic hand/tone bell sets, 2 sets A-G magnets, 2 sets of numbers 1- 5 magnets, accidentals and solfege syllable magnets)
  • Easy removal of magnets and reattachment on sheet
  • Versatile teaching tool and manipulative for students (Theory Concepts, Ear Training, Composition and so much more!)

(Easel stand, hand and tone bells on photos are not included)

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